An international traveling workshop for more than 70 teachers, pedagogical experts, and museum educators from the US, the UK, Israel, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia, Russia, Macedonia, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine and Poland. Click here to visit the page

Centropa's seminars for teachers began in the summer of 2007, when we invited nine US high school teachers to Vienna and Budapest to give us feedback on our website and Centropa's early films. Since then, our education programs have grown each year and we now conduct local workshops, national and international seminars in the US, Europe and Israel, and each year bring together 60-75 educators from approximately 15 countries for our annual summer academy in Central Europe.  On our website you will see our programs available in English, Hebrew, German, Czech, Slovak, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Polish, Lithuanian and Romanian.

Teachers of English and language arts, social studies and history, art and photography use our materials to teach history, languages (German, English as a second language), writing, ethics and values, Holocaust, 20th century Jewish history, film-making and photography. Click here to visit the page