The Centropa Summar Academy (CSA) is the biggest annual event of Centropa, where more than 80 teachers and educators come together from Europe, the US, and Israel, to discover new teaching methods and share ideas. The CSA is a 10-day long traveling workshop: each year, we discover different European towns and their Jewish heritage, meet communities and professionals, and let the city become our classroom. Find out more about the Centropa Summer Academies here.

Centropa's seminars for teachers began in the summer of 2007, when we invited nine US high school teachers to Vienna and Budapest to give us feedback on our website and Centropa's early films. Since then, our education programs have grown each year and we now regularly conduct local workshops, national and international seminars in the US, Europe and Israel.

Our workshops are open to every teacher and educator who wants to discover new methods for teaching 20th century history, and is interested in participating cross-border partnerships and projects. Our teachers come to more than 20 countries from 3 continents, and teach various subjects such as history, geography, literature, foreign languages, Jewish studies, civic studies, holocaust studies, IT and media. The core of our workshops are the teachers themselves, who bring their own experiences, ideas, and project plans – and share it with each other. We at Centropa believe that no one teaches a teacher better than another teacher – this is what makes our seminars sparkling events full of ideas. Click here to inform about our past and upcoming teacher seminars.

Local seminars and workshops in Europe, US, and Israel

During the regularly organized local seminars, teachers come together to discuss the challenges they face in their schools, and work together about how to use Centropa materials and 21st century technologies in their classroom.

CJN seminars

The Centropa Jewish Network (CJN) is a unique platform for teachers of European Jewish schools. During the annual winter seminars, teachers from Istanbul to Zagreb, from Stockholm to Budapest came together to discuss the challenges of Jewish education, and brainstorm together about cross-border projects to bring together the Jewish students of today’s Europe. Click here to read more about CJN.

Trans-history seminars

In cooperation with local partners, the Trans-history project aims to connect Ukrainians and Moldovans to their country's Jewish history, and to their neighbors. Through trans-national seminars, films, exhibitions and student competitions, the program fosters cultural exchange and democratic values, as well as a balanced culture of remembrance in Eastern Europe. Since the start of the Trans-History program in 2015, five seminars have been organized in the cities of Lviv, Rivne, Krakow, Kiev, and Chisinau. Find more information about the program and the upcoming events here.